Students today are more tech-savvy than previous generations causing parents and educators to develop new ways to engage, teach and connect with them. As this tech-savvy generation consumes and discards electronic devices at a faster rate, those old devices are being discarded in landfills where harmful toxins can be released into the environment. Re-Teck, an international electronic waste (e-waste) recycling company, wanted to find a way to partner with parents and educators across the US to inspire and mobilize young adults to view used electronics differently.

What if they realized their old devices could be used to make new ones? Re-Teck worked with high school students in Texas to develop a game concept that would inspire and mobilize young adults to make a difference. The creation of the Recycle Avengers gaming app offers an interactive and challenging game, while also generating awareness about the hazards of not properly recycling your electronics.

“Change first begins with education and awareness,” stated Tony Wang, CEO of Re-Teck. “The gaming app makes players aware of the potential inside old electronics in a fun, interactive game. The launch events educate the community that there is a better way to discard used electronics as Re-Teck partners with schools, businesses and government facilities to collect and properly recycle the devices.”

Recycle Avengers has partnered with schools nationwide to launch the gaming app. At Flower Mound Elementary School, third, fourth and fifth grade students got to see the Recycle Avengers electric car, along with game character, Kit, who handed out t-shirts and posters. Members of the Recycle Avengers team shared how used electronics can be recycled, repurposed, and reused to create new electronics. Click to Watch Video Flower Mound Elementary Principal, Christy Van Scoyoc, and her faculty facilitated the event so their students could understand the importance of recycling electronic waste (e-waste) in a fun and tangible way. A Recycle Avengers e-waste collection bin has been set up at the school so students, teachers and community members can safely recycle their old phones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. Click for Photos

The Recycle Avengers gaming app, available for download in the Apple and Android stores, lets players take apart electronics, recover working parts and create new devices. In 2023, a Nissan LEAF electric car will be given away to one lucky player who has downloaded the app and created an account.

To schedule a Recycle Avengers event, contact Margaret McKoin at or call 817.403.0866. To learn more about Recycle Avengers or to download the app, visit For more information on Re-Teck, visit or follow them on social media.