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A free educational game app that helps players learn about the importance of recycling e-waste.


Educational Gaming App
Teaches About Recycling E-Waste

Re-Teck is partnering with schools across the country to educate students, parents and faculty on the importance of E-Waste Recycling through Recycle Avengers.

Schedule a game kickoff event at your school

The Recycle Avengers team is visiting schools nationwide to host kickoff events that include in-person appearances by the game’s characters who will be handing out T-shirts and posters. Depending on your location, the Recycle Avengers team will bring the promotional car to your event. The gaming app, based on concepts created by Texas high school, students, is both fun and educational. We hope to educate students and their parents on the importance of properly recycling used electronics by placing receptacles in libraries, schools, and restaurants where players can deposit used electronics and scan QR codes on the receptacle to gain extra game points.


The game will culminate in users engaging in e-waste recycling activities directly and allow for future expansions, sponsors and opportunity to engage the public in the importance of e-waste recycling.

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    Target Audience

    Target age range to 9 to 29

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    Schools Nationwide

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Next Phase

In the later builds, the game will go from a 2D game to a 3D Augmented Reality game with real time interaction and engaging game play


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